Polished Man


We are delighted to share that NYCC has been chosen as the sole US beneficiary of the Polished Man Campaign. Polished Man is an international awareness and fundraising campaign which encourages men to paint one fingernail from October 1 through 15, 2015, to represent the one in five children who experience violence.

The Polished Man Campaign started in Australia in 2014, and is international in 2015. NYCC is excited to be part of their 2015 launch in the US.

The founder, Elliot Costello, was inspired to launch Polished Man after a visit to a refugee site in Cambodia. There he met a young girl named Thea. Due to their language differences, Elliot and Thea couldn’t communicate but could play games. At the end of the evening Thea drew a heart on Elliot’s palm and painted his fingernails blue. The following day he learned about Thea’s history of abuse in an orphanage, prior to coming to her new home. Mr. Costello found that the nail polish created the perfect opportunity to talk with others about the importance of ending violence against children.

The campaign includes celebrity ambassadors such as Mario Batali, Tony Richardson (former NY Jet), and Vance Joy (musician).

Learn more at polishedman.com

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