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Champions for Children Network

The New York Center for Children (NYCC) Champions actively support and invest in our non-profit mission to provide comprehensive evaluation and therapy services to victims of child abuse and their families. All of NYCC’s programs and services are completely free of charge and available in English and Spanish. This wouldn’t be possible without our NYCC Champions for Children, Board, sponsors and partners.

NYCC Champions for Children are passionate about NYCC’s mission to help children heal from the trauma of abuse and are committed to raising awareness and funds for NYCC. NYCC’s success and our $1 million budget rely on the generosity of foundations, government, corporations, and individuals who understand that cost should not be a barrier for children to heal and receive life-saving therapy.

NYCC Champions Role and Recognition

Our Champions play an essential role serving as ambassadors for The New York Center for Children (NYCC), helping us grow our support network so that we can serve even more children. They make a tremendous impact on our children by amplifying our voice, sharing information about our programming within their networks, and making an annual financial commitment of $2,500, which funds an entire year of life-changing weekly therapy for a child.

NYCC is pleased to recognize our Champions by including them in special events and acknowledging them on NYCC’s website and printed materials. Members receive:

– Complimentary tickets (2) to NYCC’s fundraising benefits with the purchases of two tickets or more
– Invitations to Champions for Children Summits with special presentations by NYCC staff experts
– Invitations to NYCC Holiday Events, including the Tree Lighting and Holiday Party at The Peninsula New York
– Complimentary ticket to NYCC’s Annual Conference on Early Intervention, Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse at The Nicholas Scoppetta Children’s Center

Please reach out to Ayesha Marra (contact info below) for a full description of all Champion responsibilities, recognition and benefits.

Become a Champion for Children

We call upon you to make an investment in NYCC to heal children through therapy that serves as an inspiration to your peers.


To get involved or to learn more contact Ayesha Marra, Director of Development:
ph: (212) 517- 3012 ext. 42

Champions For Children

NYCC is proud to recognize the founding members of NYCC’s Champions for Children Network. Their dedication, investment and strategic guidance helps us provide our life-changing therapy services to more children.

Naz Khandwala
Isabel Marçal
Meghan Pardi
Portia Redfield
Vanessa Rosenthal
Cheryl Small


When a child has been abused - physically, emotionally or sexually -
the most important first step is to
provide her or him with a safe, accepting environment. NYCC provides that secure haven in which to heal.

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It seems that hardly a week goes by without news of a trusted child care worker being arrested for child abuse.

How do you know your child is safe?
Here are some tips.

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NYCC is at the forefront of a number of educational projects focused on early intervention, prevention and treatment of child abuse.

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