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The Sunflower Party

The Sunflower PartyBenefiting

The New York Center For Children
Friday, August 7 | 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
The Home of Henry Buhl
Southampton, NY

$225 | 1 junior admission ticket (under 40)
Support community training on child abuse recognition and response.

$500 | 1 admission ticket
Train a medical student on the diagnosis and treatment of child abuse.

$1,000 | 2 admission tickets
Sponsor a child for the next 12 months.

$2,000 | 4 admission tickets
Provide free therapy for a child for one year.

$5,000 | 10 admission tickets
Helps support free therapy for two siblings for one year.

$10,000 | Sunflower Sponsor
Helps support free therapy for a family of four for one year.

$25,000 | To be one of the NYCC 12 Ambassadors
Be one of the 12 who will be recognized through the launch of the “Heal their Hearts” national NYCC campaign.

Ticket Options
Phone Number

Lauren Vernon
Henry Buhl
Lucia Hwong Gordon
Host Committee
Alyson Cambridge
Guy Clark
Nicole Dicocco
Jeannie J. Joshi
Petra Khashoggi
Jamie Lewis
Joy Marks
Harrison Morgan
Christine Rales
Carolyn and Kevin Ryan
Board of Directors

Kate Spade, Chair Emeritus
Kevin J. Ryan, Chair
Stephen M. Alden
Christine Boeke
Mrs. Lawrence Herbert
Jamie L. Lewis
Heidi Mitchell
Christine Rales

Linda Schoenthaler
Annie Sparrow
Sophie Ann Terrisse
Lauren Vernon
Georgette Mosbacher, Founder
In Memoriam
Martin Richards


When a child has been abused - physically, emotionally or sexually -
the most important first step is to
provide her or him with a safe, accepting environment. NYCC provides that secure haven in which to heal.

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It seems that hardly a week goes by without news of a trusted child care worker being arrested for child abuse.

How do you know your child is safe?
Here are some tips.

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NYCC is at the forefront of a number of educational projects focused on early intervention, prevention and treatment of child abuse.

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